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Richie Biggs & Charlie Peacock

Producers & Engineers Working in Busy Nashville Scene get “Consistency and Killer Sound” Mixing with Dangerous 2-Bus Analog Summing

Richie Biggs (left) and Charlie Peacock in their Nashville studio

When the Civil Wars took the stage at the 2012 Grammy® Awards, Dangerous Music was part of the moment, as the band’s highly successful and great-sounding record was mixed on the Dangerous 2-Bus. The duo’s live Grammy performance was spectacular, a combination of everything musical and emotional that musicians and music fans alike appreciate. Richie Biggs and Charlie Peacock are the engineers and producers behind the sound of the Civil Wars album “Barton Hollow.” They work around the clock on multiple projects in their Nashville studio and rely on the consistent recall capability and killer sound of the Dangerous 2-Bus analog summing amp and Dangerous D-Box summing and monitor control in their hybrid Pro Tools-based mix rooms.

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