Amadeus UDX Series Speakers

Amadeus, French provider of high-end audio solutions and services, re-launches the UDX Series speakers 30 years after its first edition

The new Amadeus UDX Series Speakers

Amadeus, based in France, one of the premiere manufacturers of high-end sound reinforcement systems and custom studio speakers, has announced the re-launch of its famed UDX Series passive speakers – 30 years after originally releasing their first edition. Including four different models, the UDX Series is perfectly adapted to sound reinforcement applications in concert halls, auditoriums, conference rooms, and theaters. Designed to be included within fixed or long-lasting installations, each UDX speaker system can also be used in touring applications as a stage monitor when fitted with optional accessories. The newly redesigned UDX Series are now available from licensed Amadeus distributors and dealers throughout Europe and Asia, from € 1090.00 to € 1990.00 (VAT excluded), depending on the model.

Gaetan BYK, Marketing Manager at Amadeus, stated, “The core idea behind the UDX Series was to keep the main focus on the values which have given Amadeus its reference-quality status throughout the years, both the unique acoustical characteristics of its sound systems, as well as their aesthetic integration capabilities into installed locations, allowing a real transparency, a consistency between the installation space and the speaker. We wanted to concentrate on the essentials, and go back to our roots, in terms of both sound transparency and finishes. Allowing designers to combine several standard colors of cabinet and acoustical fabric coverings on the front grill, they can put the most efficient and elegant product into a space, matching its cultural, visual and architectural context. This new product direction brings the Amadeus quality to a new customer base.”

Sold from 1980 to 1992, the first UDX speakers embodied the best technologies and innovations of the Atelier 33 Company and its electro-acoustical department, 33 Audio. Now developed under the Amadeus brand, the new UDX Series is built according to the same values of quality, passion and design, which gave them a reference quality status when originally released.

A peerless coaxial heart
The heart of every UDX Series system is its coaxial neodymium transducer, combining the features of the best cone speakers and compression drivers into a one-piece, point source solution. Each transducer is specifically designed in accordance with the highest technical standards, resulting in uniform angular coverage and high acoustical load, optimized to reduce all forms of distortion and coloration, at all input levels.

The UDX 8 and UDX 10 systems host a coaxial driver with 8-inch, or 10-inch respectively, woofer and 1-inch tweeter with compression driver. The UDX 12 and UDX 15 systems host a coaxial driver with 12-inch, or 15-inch respectively, woofer and 2-inch tweeter with compression driver. Each of the new UDX Series speakers integrates perfectly with the Amadeus ML 15 and ML 18 subwoofer systems.

Over thirty standard color combinations available
Initially available in a highly resistant black (water-soluble) paint finish, the UDX systems are also available in several different standard colors. Every UDX Series speaker can also be ordered in a “made-to-measure” finish, based on registered or non-registered colors and/or materials. To offer more possibilities, the cabinet and the acoustical fabric covering the front grill can each have a different color.

Optimized compatibility with Konig & Meyer adaptor systems
Each speaker system is equipped with two threaded inserts (M8) on its bottom side, allowing the addition of optional screw-on adapters developed by Konig & Meyer. The UDX systems can then be directly placed on a standardized speaker stand, or on a pole placed on a subwoofer, such as the Amadeus ML 15 or ML 18 subwoofer systems, which are equipped with a threaded insert (M20) on its top side.

The sides and the upper, lower and rear panels of the UDX Series systems are all equipped with M8-threaded inserts, compatible with U-Brackets developed by Amadeus, and speaker wall mounts, developed by Konig & Meyer, allowing the speakers to easily attach to a wall or a ceiling.

The best components throughout the speaker Lifetime
Amadeus believes that use of the best components doesn’t matter if their properties cannot be preserved over many years of use. So all the components used throughout the innovative, custom designed Amadeus passive filters, including air inductances, over-sized non-inductive resistors and low-loss polypropylene capacitors, are encapsulated, using unbreakable resins, specifically designed for resistance to shocks, vibrations, electromagnetic radiation and corrosive agents.

Standard presets available
Designed to compensate for the influence of  “free field” conditions when the systems are used in a standalone mode, or to compensate for the natural effects of floor loading – when the systems are used as stage monitor speakers – Amadeus offers standard presets that are compatible with all well-known digital crossovers, including XTA, Xilica, LAKE and BSS processors.

The newly redesigned UDX Series are now available from licensed Amadeus distributors and dealers throughout Europe and Asia, from € 1090.00 to € 1990.00 (VAT excluded), depending on the model.

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About Amadeus
Amadeus develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-end sound reinforcement loudspeakers, studio monitors and various signal processing interfaces that combine its own custom innovative technology with stylish design, for the professional audio industry. Created in 1992 from the collaboration between the French designer Bernard BYK and the scientist Michel DELUC, the Amadeus brand has grown to become a leading supplier of high-end audio solutions and services for theaters, opera houses, recording studios, research centers and touring concert sound rental operations. All development and product manufacturing is centralized in Atelier 33 headquarters in France, with field offices and authorized distributors located in Europe, Asia and UAE.

More information about Amadeus is available by visiting

About Atelier 33
Founded in 1977 by Bernard BYK, Atelier 33 pioneered reusable packaging in France, and is now the premiere French flight case maker, historically and in terms of production volume. Atelier 33 also has its own electro-acoustic research department, mainly dedicated to architectural acoustics for recording studios, theaters, opera houses and concert halls. The Atelier 33 company expanded its activities in 1992 by creating an innovative new product line including speakers, allying unique acoustical properties, a pristine sound image and very high timbral precision, sold under the Amadeus commercial brand.

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