CEntrance Releases HiFi-M8

Audiophile-grade headphone amplifier improves sound of smartphones, tablets and computers.

HiFi-M8 Pro with balanced XLR Outs, other output variations available

CEntrance, a leader in Digital Audio, released the HiFi-M8(r) – a battery-powered, portable D/A Converter (DAC) and Headphone Amplifier that refines the sound of the Apple iPhone(r), iPad(r), and iPod(r). Pronounced “Hi-Fi Mate,” the device streams high-resolution audio from smartphones*, tablets and laptops, creating the ultimate playback system for on-the-go listeners. HiFi-M8 is offered in several models with various audio output configurations including XLR, 1/8″, 1/4″ and SPDIF Optical connectors.

“iPhones and iPods store a lot of music in a small package, but their sound quality is not at the level many of our customers crave,” said Michael Goodman, Managing Director of CEntrance. “We listened to our customers and together created the ultimate, portable playback system. The features and specifications of HiFi-M8 were crowd-sourced from the ground up. It offers the right package of flexibility, sound quality and convenience, and our field-test models are getting great reviews from listeners.”

Several HiFi-M8 models are available to meet the needs of the high-end audio community. HiFi-M8 not only offers a choice of output jacks to match various headphones, but on the “HiFi-M8 PRO” model, designed specifically for the Pro Audio market, it features male XLR jacks and +4dBm line-level output for connection to professional equipment. For those customers who do not use iPhones, the HiFi-M8 LX model features a TOSLINK optical input to accommodate a SPDIF input signal, instead of the iPhone input. All models also offer a 24-bit/192kHz USB input for use as a portable USB DAC. For extra sonic flexibility, HiFi-M8 offers a number of tone shaping controls to EQ and customize the sound for the best synergy with a variety of headphones.

CEntrance products are known for their convenient features and mastering-quality sound. HiFi-M8 takes this up a notch by offering several degrees of flexibility, previously not possible in a single portable, battery-powered device.

* HiFi-M8 is a USB DAC and an audiophile ‘sound card’ for your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. It extracts digital audio from portable devices and converts it to analog, for purest sound reproduction.

* HiFi-M8’s integrated audiophile package combines 24-bit/192kHz resolution, over 6 hours of battery life, balanced output, and several sonic shaping features within a single portable device.

* HiFi-M8’s Class-A headphone amplifier supports in-ear and over-the-ear headphones. HiFi-M8 accommodates 1/4 inch unbalanced or balanced headphones for total flexibility.

* HiFi-M8 PRO accommodates balanced XLR, +4dBm line-level connection to professional equipment.

HiFi-M8 is available now and sells for $699.99 USD. The HiFi-M8 PRO sells for $599.99.

For more information, visit http://www.centrance.com

About CEntrance, Inc.
Founded in 2000, CEntrance develops innovative audio products and licenses its technology to industry leading brands, such as McIntosh, Playback Designs, Bel Canto, Benchmark, PS Audio, and Lavry. The company’s portable recording and playback solutions have earned rave reviews, industry awards and enthusiastic endorsements from artists such as Harry Shearer, Nathan East and Will Lee, and mastering engineers Bob Katz, Brian Gardner, Tom Jung and sound designer Frank Serafine, among others. CEntrance is headquartered in Chicago and distributes its products worldwide.

CEntrance is expanding its dealer network. To inquire, please call +1 (847) 581-0500 or e-mail sales@centrance.com.

* not all Android phones and not all Apple devices are supported. For current compatibility list, visit www.hifi-m8.com

All Trademarks are the property of their respective holders. MicPort(tm), AxePort(tm), DACport(tm), DACmini(tm), MasterClass(tm), Audiophile Desktop(tm) and HiFi-M8(tm) are trademarks or registered trademarks of CEntrance, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple iPhone(r), iPad(r), and iPod(r) are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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