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‘Question de Son’ Chooses Amadeus

With a desire to replicate the classic studios of the 1970’s Question de Son selected Amadeus
for acoustic design and custom monitor speakers for their new studio

'Studio A' at Question de Son featuring Amadeus monitors

‘Studio A’ at Question de Son featuring Amadeus monitors

When researching how to capture the much sought-after sound and vibes of classic 1970’s studios, Question de Son owners Jordan KOUBY and Frederic VECTOL reached out to Amadeus for both the acoustic design and custom studio monitors for both Studio A and Studio B. The team at Amadeus, led by designer Michel DELUC, satisfied all their needs. Question de Son is now one of the most respected studios in France, and a “favorite Paris recording studio.” The two pairs of custom Amadeus monitors feature dual 15-inch low frequency woofers, a 3-inch mid range and a 1.5-inch Beryllium tweeter, with 4,000 watts of tri-amped power – 2,000 watts of that assigned to the dual low frequency drivers. Based in France, Amadeus has become one of the premiere manufacturers of custom studio speakers, as well as high-end sound reinforcement systems for live and installed sound; with a focus on Europe and Asia, the Company continues to expand.

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