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Chick Corea Plays Vintage Vibe Keys on ‘Chinese Butterfly’

New ‘Chinese Butterfly’ album features Chick Corea playing the Vintage Vibe piano on two key tracks


Chick Corea and Steve Gadd released Chinese Butterfly today, a 2-disc album on the Concord Jazz label. With masterful playing by two of the most celebrated talents in jazz performing as the “Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band,” Chinese Butterfly includes two tracks that feature Chick playing the Vintage Vibe Piano(tm)-the record’s first single, “Like I Was Sayin’,” and the 16-minute epic that closes the album, “Gadd-zooks.”

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New CEntrance “MixerFace R4”

New hand-held product offers multiple options for easy on-the-go recording


CEntrance, a leading manufacturer of high quality recording and DAC products, has announced the new MixerFace™ R4 – Mobile Recording Interface™. About the footprint of a smart phone, the four-input recording interface is designed to make mobile recording quick and easy, while delivering professional results.

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