CEntrance “DACport Pro” Connects Laptops to Mixers

Portable USB DAC with XLR outputs delivers consistent playback on any sound system

DACport-Pro-45-deg-XLR-view-Rev-2-2000CEntrance is now shipping DACport Pro™, a portable D/A converter, headphone amplifier, and monitor controller for audio professionals. With the DACport Pro, CEntrance built on the success of its DACport HD, which was designed for HiFi enthusiasts and featured on Stereophile magazine’s recommended component list for many years. The professional version of the acclaimed portable DAC adds balanced XLR output jacks, a large monitor volume control knob, and LED VU meters. The new product offers HiFi sound quality to the professional audio community and underscores the company’s focus on both user groups. The new CEntrance DACport Pro is shipping now and retails for $369.99 USD.

“We’ve all been there — needing to stream music from the laptop into a console or a sound system, but lacking the right cable to make the connection,” said Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. “DACport Pro allows users to easily connect a laptop to a mixer or a sound system and offers consistent, high-quality playback in any venue. This function was requested by famous audio engineers, who wanted a small, portable DAC they can carry from studio to studio with their laptop.”

In addition to helping audio engineers achieve a consistent sound signature no matter what studio they are in, the new product is finding support with keyboard players, who use Virtual Instruments, and DJs who play live. Both types of artists rely on the laptop to create their sound on stage. DACport Pro simplifies the connection to the professional audio equipment, making it easy to use a laptop on stage, during a live performance.

“Super nice build – Solid!” said CJ Vanston, Producer, Keyboardist, and Film Composer about the new product. “The clarity in the high end was literally like a veil being lifted off. A major advantage is being able to travel with it and hear the same thing at any studio.”

“This handheld USB DAC is a great direct box replacement with all of the benefits of a USB Interface. It doesn’t weigh you down, has a convenient analog knob and meters for monitoring,” said Kelly Epperson, Founder and CEO of Easy Live Audio. “I love the ability to have fixed output while having the volume control for the headphones. It’s great for House of Worship work, for use with Apple’s Main Stage, and other software-based instruments.”

DACport Pro is a compact USB audio interface providing high-quality output from a connected PC or Apple Mac computer. It features a headphone output and balanced stereo outputs with options for line and mic-level. The balanced outputs may be fixed, or variable, with their level controlled with the level knob. This turns the product into a Studio Monitor Controller. The device also includes an LED VU meter for checking program levels, a pair of LEDs indicating power and audio streaming status, and a USB-C connector for computer connectivity.

DACport Pro works with MacOS and Windows-based computers. It supports all standard sampling rates including 24-bit/44.1kHz up to 32-bit/384kHz, and DSD. An ASIO driver is available for Windows 10.

To help survive the rigors of daily use, the chassis is made of lightweight aluminum. Operation is easy and intuitive. DACport Pro is ideal for active audio professionals, who don’t want to compromise sound quality nor flexibility while moving between venues.  DACport Pro is shipping now and retails for $369.99 USD.

Find out more about DACport Pro: https://centrance.com/dacport-pro/

About CEntrance
For over two decades, the world’s most iconic brands in Pro Audio and Consumer Electronics turned to CEntrance for its digital audio technology. CEntrance know-how powers award-winning guitar pedals, recording interfaces, smart speakers, and DACs from an A-Z list of top brands, such as Alesis, Harman, KORG, and McIntosh. Today, with its passion for sound rooted in pro audio, CEntrance delights customers worldwide with its own line of innovative, award-winning products for audio recording and playback. Famous recording artists, producers, voice-over professionals, and sound designers endorse CEntrance audio solutions. Visit us at http://www.centrance.com

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