About Paul

Paul J. de Benedictis is a composer and musician born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has performed and composed music for film, television and theater over the past 35 years, and released several independent albums on his Mnemonic Records label. He plays guitar, piano and synthesizers, and has a deep knowledge of computers and music.

His involvement in the evolution of music software and technology began in 1985 when he joined Palo Alto-based Opcode Systems as its first employee and guided many of the major innovations that are now industry standards including co-inventing “Studio Vision” the first software sequencer with integrated MIDI and audio tracks in 1990.

Today, Paul lives in Marin County and composes music for a wide range of media including original music releases CDs & Downloads, film, television and radio. He has a Pro Tools based Macintosh studio designed for his own work. He also has a public relations business for promoting manufacturers of recording equipment and has worked with Spectrasonics (14 years), Dangerous Music (11 years), and Amadeus (see current Clients). His business includes interfacing with top recording artists, producers, engineers and composers for his public relations clients.