As a musician and composer, Paul writes music for Film and Television as well as product focused Videos. He has released 6 albums and EPs from rock, pop and folk to classical, including “Quintets” an album of original classical music for string quartet, piano and soloists on Mnemonic Records. He reissued his 1989 solo piano album of original compositions “Power of One.”

In 2007 Paul produced an instrumental rock album for the local San Francisco Bay Area band “The Wilted” and has released an EP of three of the songs with vocals titled “Vox Humanix.” Two other historical music projects were recently released as well, “Cosmonauts” a band from the late 1970s and “Cowpography” recorded in 2000. All 6 albums are available as downloads at Apple iTunes and CDs are at and CD Baby.

In 2017 he co-produced the re-release of the San Francisco Synthesizer Ensemble recordings through McKechnie Records, and a re-release of McKecknie & de Benedictis “Inside Your Head” synth music from 1982.

Late in 2019 Paul released a new rock album where he wrote and produced the music, the resulting release is STATE OF JAMES “Beside My Shadow” and is available on streaming services.


Beside My Shadow, State of James: “Share a Smile
Vox Humanix, The Wilted: “Filling Me In
Cowpography, Jack de Benedictis: “Blood on the Saddle
Power of One, Paul J. de Benedcitis: “Hereafter
Quintets, Paul J. de Benedcitis: “Distance
Cosmonauts: “Crazy Mixed Up World
The San Francisco Synthesizer Ensemble: “A Day in the Life of the Golden Gate Bridge

Visit The Record Label: Mnemonic Records