Focal Debuts New “Listen Professional” Headphones

New “Listen Professional” headphones designed for music production


Focal has debuted their new “Listen Professional” headphone model built for music production. The ‘Listen Professional’ headphones are packed with Focal expertise. For six years, the French manufacturer’s design knowledge in high-performance transducers has been directed at a new specialty: headphones. ‘Listen Professional’ over ear closed back headphones are the essential work tool for music production. They confirm Focal’s ambition to establish itself as a leader in the professional headphone market.

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Focal Premieres “Clear Professional” Reference Headphones

Focal premieres new high-end “Clear Professional” reference headphones with listening quality aimed to match the ‘best monitor speakers in a room with perfect acoustics’

Focal revealed their new high-end “Clear Professional” reference headphones with listening quality aimed to match the ‘best monitor speakers in a room with perfect acoustics’. Focal affirms its position as an innovative manufacturer with the arrival of its very first open-back, circumaural professional headphones, designed and manufactured in France. The result of research and development that began with the Company’s Elear and Utopia high-end headphones, the goal for these high-end headphones is to become the undisputed leaders for the most demanding audio production professionals.

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Focal Expands Monitor Range with “Shape Twin”

One year after the launch of Shape 40, 50 and 65 monitors, Focal is expanding its monitoring range with the line’s new benchmark product: Shape Twin.


Focal has expanded its Shape professional powered monitor series with the introduction of the “Shape Twin.” This new standard bearer of the Focal Shape series features two passive radiators, woofers equipped with a new Flax cone, and the latest ‘M’-shaped Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter. Shape Twin is made in France, just like Shape 40, 50 and 65. Designed to meet the needs of near-field monitoring, these monitors combine an ingenuous design and numerous settings optimized for the acoustics of small listening rooms. Shape Twin stands out through its excellent rendering over the whole audio spectrum, its broad frequency response in the low end, and its high SPL considering its size. The compact design makes it easy to integrate even into the most cramped of rooms. Finally, its 2.5-way design gives it a decisive advantage when it comes to controlling the bass and lower mid-range registers, which are the hardest to control in small rooms.

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Chick Corea Plays Vintage Vibe Keys on ‘Chinese Butterfly’

New ‘Chinese Butterfly’ album features Chick Corea playing the Vintage Vibe piano on two key tracks


Chick Corea and Steve Gadd released Chinese Butterfly today, a 2-disc album on the Concord Jazz label. With masterful playing by two of the most celebrated talents in jazz performing as the “Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band,” Chinese Butterfly includes two tracks that feature Chick playing the Vintage Vibe Piano(tm)-the record’s first single, “Like I Was Sayin’,” and the 16-minute epic that closes the album, “Gadd-zooks.”

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New CEntrance “MixerFace R4”

New hand-held product offers multiple options for easy on-the-go recording


CEntrance, a leading manufacturer of high quality recording and DAC products, has announced the new MixerFace™ R4 – Mobile Recording Interface™. About the footprint of a smart phone, the four-input recording interface is designed to make mobile recording quick and easy, while delivering professional results.

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