CEntrance “i5 Audiophile Case”

Audiophile-grade headphone amplifier & DAC case charges and improves sound of Apple’s iPhone

CEntrance, a leader in Digital Audio announced the i5 Audiophile Case(tm) – a sound card and an extended battery, built right into an iPhone case. The one-of-a-kind device works with Apple’s iPhone 5, 5S and iPod Touch 5G, wrapping the phone like a glove and creating the ultimate on-the-go playback system. The new i5 Audiophile Case will be featured at the Rocky Mountain Audio Show in Denver, CO., October 9th through 12th. CEntrance’s booth is located at the CANJAM pavilion (

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Amadeus: Acoustics for ‘Creative Sound’

Amadeus Design of architectural acoustics for stunning Paris cinema mix stage shows off another side of Amadeus’ business and expertise

The recent unveiling of Creative Sound showcases Amadeus’ extraordinary expertise in architectural acoustic design. Located at the heart of the 15th Arrondissement in Paris, Creative Sound is one of the largest, most versatile full-service post-production facilities in France, providing creative solutions for all cinematic and TV sound needs. Paris-based Amadeus was tasked with all of the interior acoustical and architectural design, including sound isolation, noise and vibration control engineering, and acoustic treatments for each of the ten studios. At Creative Sound, Amadeus also designed one of the first mixing studios to be fitted with the revolutionary Dolby(r) Atmos(tm) audio technology, which hosts the first ultra-large-format Harrison MPC5 digital film-mixing console manufactured by Harrison – based in Nashville.

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Wyner Adds ‘Dangerous Compressor’

Cambridge-based engineer continues to grow his Dangerous Music-equipped studio adding the new Dangerous Compressor

Cambridge-based mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner adds new Dangerous Compressor

Cambridge-based mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner with Dangerous Compressor

Longtime mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner has added the newly released Dangerous Compressor to his already well-stocked Dangerous Music-equipped studio. Wyner’s Cambridge, MA based studio sports the Dangerous Music Master, Liaison and BAX EQ as well. Wyner is a Grammy-Nominated engineer who has mastered over 5,000 CDs so far in his nearly 30-year career. “The first thing I noticed about the Dangerous Compressor was the signal path through the compressor,” he says. “It gives a subtly warm presence while remaining open and retaining transparency. Yesterday I was working on a single for Josh Groban and I was able to tighten the dynamics very gently while maintaining the subtlety and nuance of his incredible vocal performance. The sound of the box is superlative.”

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Dangerous Music In Demand

With top producers and songwriters at ‘The AND Group’ already using Dangerous Music gear, management is getting calls from their other clients to get Dangerous too

Lucas Keller with artist David Hodges on right

Lucas Keller with artist David Hodges on right

When top producers and writers collaborate in the studio with other artists-DJs and like-minded music professionals – the exposure to key pieces of gear often gets noted and talked about as one watches the other and hears just how great it sounds. This is happening at a somewhat alarming pace with Dangerous Music equipment at The AND Group, a collection of music management and media companies who are working with some of today’s top music insiders and hit makers.

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Dan Black Gets Dangerous

Artist, composer and producer adds the Dangerous Source monitor controller to his Paris studio with stellar results

Internationally acclaimed solo artist, composer and producer Dan Black recently added the Dangerous Source monitor controller to his Paris studio setup. He feels the Dangerous Source has made huge differences in his studio for writing his own music and collaborating with other artists. “I noticed a profound improvement in detail with the Source, it was like a veil was lifted,” says Black.

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