Wyner Adds ‘Dangerous Compressor’

Cambridge-based engineer continues to grow his Dangerous Music-equipped studio adding the new Dangerous Compressor

Cambridge-based mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner adds new Dangerous Compressor

Cambridge-based mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner with Dangerous Compressor

Longtime mastering engineer Jonathan Wyner has added the newly released Dangerous Compressor to his already well-stocked Dangerous Music-equipped studio. Wyner’s Cambridge, MA based studio sports the Dangerous Music Master, Liaison and BAX EQ as well. Wyner is a Grammy-Nominated engineer who has mastered over 5,000 CDs so far in his nearly 30-year career. “The first thing I noticed about the Dangerous Compressor was the signal path through the compressor,” he says. “It gives a subtly warm presence while remaining open and retaining transparency. Yesterday I was working on a single for Josh Groban and I was able to tighten the dynamics very gently while maintaining the subtlety and nuance of his incredible vocal performance. The sound of the box is superlative.”

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Dangerous Music In Demand

With top producers and songwriters at ‘The AND Group’ already using Dangerous Music gear, management is getting calls from their other clients to get Dangerous too

Lucas Keller with artist David Hodges on right

Lucas Keller with artist David Hodges on right

When top producers and writers collaborate in the studio with other artists-DJs and like-minded music professionals – the exposure to key pieces of gear often gets noted and talked about as one watches the other and hears just how great it sounds. This is happening at a somewhat alarming pace with Dangerous Music equipment at The AND Group, a collection of music management and media companies who are working with some of today’s top music insiders and hit makers.

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Dan Black Gets Dangerous

Artist, composer and producer adds the Dangerous Source monitor controller to his Paris studio with stellar results

Internationally acclaimed solo artist, composer and producer Dan Black recently added the Dangerous Source monitor controller to his Paris studio setup. He feels the Dangerous Source has made huge differences in his studio for writing his own music and collaborating with other artists. “I noticed a profound improvement in detail with the Source, it was like a veil was lifted,” says Black.

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Amadeus Opens Indonesian Market

French live sound reinforcement equipment manufacturer now selling into Indonesia through Acoustic Sound Integrated Solution (ASIIS)


Amadeus today announced that their product line is now available across Indonesia through their newest distributor Acoustic Sound Image Integrated Solution (ASIIS). Amadeus, based in France, is one of the premiere manufacturers of high-end sound reinforcement systems in the world. ASIIS is a leader in providing high-end live sound reinforcement systems for Indonesia, and carries a very select high-end range of live sound solutions. Through this new sales channel Amadeus now covers even more of the vast Asian markets. Amadeus is impressed with the deep knowledge of live sound and system integration that ASIIS offers its clients in Indonesia and feels the company is a perfect fit for Amadeus’ focus on high-end sound. As new Amadeus products come to market over the coming years the Company looks forward to working closely with ASIIS to place them into the most prestigious live sound venues and events throughout Indonesia.

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New CEntrance MixerFace: Indiegogo

Company crowd-funds its new mobile recording interface for smartphones and tablets
CEntrance, a leader in Digital Audio, announced a crowd-funding effort to speed up the production of MixerFace(tm), its new mobile recording interface. MixerFace connects professional microphones with smartphones, tablets and laptops. The small, battery-powered mobile device includes two studio-grade microphone preamps and rich digital connectivity options, enabling professional-quality recording on the go.

The new product comes on the heels of CEntrance’s successful “HiFi-M8” (pronounced HiFi-Mate) portable DAC and headphone amp for the audiophile listening community. MixerFace integrates the smart phone into the audio production workflow, creating mobile recording capability for the modern, on-the-go musician, broadcaster and VO artist. The Indiegogo campaign starts January 5th, 2013 and can be found at:

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