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Lauten Audio “LS-308” Mic Now Shipping

Unique LS-308 is a noise rejecting, high-dynamic range mic—a ‘problem solver’ for challenging recording situations when isolation is essential

Lauten Audio announced the unique LS-308 large diaphragm condenser instrument microphone from 400-LS308 with accessories smits “Synergy Series” is now shipping. The new LS-308 mic features extreme levels of noise rejection and is specifically designed as a ‘problem solver’ tool for challenging recording situations when isolation is needed but difficult to achieve. The announcement comes only months after shipping the Synergy Series LS-208 ($599.00 USD) front-address condenser microphone to dealers worldwide. The new LS-308 microphone has an estimated street price of $499.00 USD.

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Colin Hay & Lauten’s Atlantis Vocal Mic

Grammy winning recording artist, Colin Hay applies the magic of Lauten Audio’s Multi-voicing(tm), Atlantis studio microphone to his latest solo release, “Next Year People.” 400Colin_Hey_Lauten

Perhaps best known as a founding member of the 80’s Australian band, Men at Work, Hay has also had a very successful solo career since the early 2000’s. Hay’s newest album, “Next Year People,” was released on February 17th. Hay recently added a pair of Lauten Audio’s Atlantis, FC-387 Multi-voicing(tm), studio microphones to his studio. “I received a demo of the Atlantis in late 2013 and it sounded stellar. Shortly after I had ordered a new one, I asked to purchase and keep the demo unit as well.”

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