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Fates Warning Members Create New Group “A-Z” and Record Album Using Only Lauten Audio Microphones

New Album “A-Z” featuring vocalist Ray Alder and drummer Mark Zonder Available Now!

Mark Zonder

Photo: Mark Zonder

The new self-titled album from “A-Z” reunites former Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder and Fates Warning lead vocalist Ray Alder during Covid lockdowns from across the world, and adds Steve Vai bassist Philip Bynoe, Prog Metal guitarist Joop Wolters, and keyboard synthesist Vivien Lalu.

Tracked entirely with Lauten Audio microphones, the new album was captured remotely, with each member recording in their respective home studios.

Lead vocalist Ray Alder has strong feelings for the Lauten Audio LA-320 after choosing it for his personal studio in Spain. “I love that it can be warm and crisp at the same time. It keeps the true vocal sound, is a very well-built microphone, and it sounds great. I’m very happy with it.”

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